Creative Destruction Tips and Tutorials to Win the Game

One of the reasons why Creative Destruction is so enthralling and does not leave anyone who has played it at least once indifferent is the almost endless number of unpredictable turns and events. However, there are also certain patterns and hidden tips that will help you to win the game. We managed to understand them only after a long time of playing. But, despite the fact that we have finished the game more than once, Tim and I are still interested in playing Creative Destruction to find new ways to win it.

Very often, I hear questions: how did you manage to pass this level? What should be done here? That is what prompted us to think that it was time to share our personal best practices, hidden cheats, and modes. Of course, this is not a guide to how to win the game. We believe that it is much more interesting when the player themselves go level by level. However, these tips will help you not to dwell on the same tasks for a long time, open up unobvious opportunities and just add fun. Already want a tutorial? After consulting with Tim, we decided to sell them for a nominal fee. Write to us to get more details.


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