About Us

Hi, Creative Destruction lovers! My name is Chase. Several months ago, while browsing Steam to find an amazing game, I stumbled upon Creative Destruction. I was hesitant to download the game or not for a long time but decided to try. My reaction? After 5 hours of continuous play, I was so impressed that I could not tear myself away. Unrivaled graphics, animations, sound effects, various game modes and more just took my breath away. That same day, I spent another night on various forums and sites dedicated to Creative Destruction. So I met Tim. 

The idea of creating a site came to our minds almost immediately. Several months of hard work, and we are ready to show the result. Here you can find all the necessary and useful information regarding Creative Destruction. It is also a great place to meet like-minded people.

We welcome feedback and suggestions for improving the site, so you can always contact us.


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